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My Weekend with the Millionaires…Real Vemma Millionaires.

Posted in: Business by On November 17, 2010
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I have been looking forward to the VFT & Vemma Thirst Product Launch event weeks before the actual day arrives.  Looking forward to meeting the Vemma Leaders and the Vemma Millionaires. And finally!  YES, I finally attended this wonderfully fruitful event!  I am writing this post on the Wednesday after the eventful weekend and I am still feeling ……. so Excited, so Motivated, so Happy, so Full Of Zest, so ….. HIGH!

I can only summarise the event as V.E.M.M.A.

Yes, it’s a Very Energizing and Motivating Mega Assembly!

So, which event was this?  Here you go…
Event: VFT & Vemma Thirst Product Launch
Date: 13th November 2010, Saturday
Time: 2pm to 10pm
Venue: Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Throughout the entire event, I treasured the Quality time that I had spent with the Vemma Leaders from the region, the Vemma Executives from Vemma HQ in the USA and fellow Vemma Team Alpha Members from the region.  I even had the opportunity to have a short interview with Vemma’s Chief Scientist Dr Wang Yibing!
It’s feels so good to be surrounded by so many motivated and successful people and among us, those who have made their first millions from Vemma.
I met up with
  • Vemma Royal Ambassador, Matt Marrow
  • Vemma Chief Scientist, Dr Wang Yibing
  • Vemma Presidential, Clif Braun
  • Vemma COO, Brad Wayment
  • 1st Malaysian Vemma Millionaire, Mr NorSalehin
  • Vemma Leaders from the region
  • Fellow Vemma Team Alpha members from the region

Matt Morrow (Vemma Royal Ambassador) and

VTA Leader James Yap of Vemma Singapore

Matt Morrow and James Yap

Dr Wang Yibing (Vemma Chief Scientist) and

VTA Leader James Yap of Vemma Singapore

Dr Wang Yibin and James Yap
Dr Wang Yibin and James Yap

Dr Wang Yibing’s Interview by

VTA Leader James Yap of Vemma Singapore

Clif Braun (Vemma Presidential) and

VTA Leader James Yap of Vemma Singapore

Clif Braun and James Yap



Sharing the Lift With Vemma Royal Ambassador Matt Morrow

and Presidential Clif Braun – Some Candid Moments


Brad Wayment (Vemma COO) with VTA Leader James Yap of Vemma Singapore

and Vemma Team Alpha Members

Brad Wayment with James Yap and Vemma Team Alpha Members

Jutawan NorSalehin of Vemma Malaysia (1st Vemma Millionaire in Malaysia) and

VTA Leader James Yap of Vemma Singapore

Jutawan Salehin and James Yap

I personally met up with Salehin during the Vemma Thirst Official Launch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  I really enjoyed the meeting experience with him as he came across as being so polite and humble although he is already so successful.

Great points to note:

  • Salehin is 28 years old this year (2010)
  • He joined Vemma 3 years ago
  • He is a Vemma Millionaire after 3 years into the Vemma Business

So, right now if someone were to ask me the following questions:

  • Does Vemma work?
  • Is Vemma a scam?
  • Can we really make money from Vemma?
  • Can Vemma make me rich and provide me with residual income?

My answer to them will be………   Need I say more?

Start your millionaire journey with me today!

Work with me.

Do not procrastinate anymore.

Taking action is the most important thing when it comes to having success with everything you do, especially on the Internet.

Fill in the form at the side bar and let’s get started!


Great Success Story In Vemma Malaysia – Jutawan Salehin

Posted in: Business by On November 16, 2010
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Millionaire Vemma - Salehin

Salehin is the very first Millionaire in Vemma Malaysia.  Yes, do not doubt this story.  This is a real story, happening to a real person, and yes, he earned his first million through Vemma.  His success has been well deserved and he has been featured in the Jutawan magazine in Malaysia.

Jutawan Salehin and James Yap of Vemma Singapore

I, James Yap of Vemma Singapore, have personally met up with Salehin during the Vemma Thirst Official Launch in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.  I really enjoy the meeting experience with him as he came across as being so polite and humble although he is already so successful. This is a great guy.   My team and I have taken lots of photos during this wonderful Vemma Thirst Official Launch Event to share with you.  Since it’s impossible for me to post all of the photos here, you may still view them from my Facebook Photo Album (James Yap) and  Facebook Vemma Thirst Official Launch Photo Album.

Check out this video for you to have a quick peep of the program during the event. Enjoy!

I have read the interview of Salehin and also the stories of other successful entrepreneurs from the JUTAWAN magazine (Issue June 2010).  This magazine is originally published in Malay and thus I have taken the initiative to get it translated to English.  Here goes…

Salehin is a young and successful Millionaire in Vemma and he achieved it this year at the age of 28 years old.   He started Vemma on a part-time basis earning between RM500 to RM1,000 per month during the first 6 months.  He saw the great opportunity with the Vemma business and subsequently made the decision to quit his full-time job so that he can fully concentrate in the Vemma business.

In the magazine, he has also mentioned that the Vemma business is a low investment business.  With only RM342  (S$136) per month, we can get a set of product and coupled with just the power of Internet, we can do the business anywhere, at anytime, whenever we like without any barriers.

Another specialty of Vemma is the business is it’s availability in 56 countries across the globe. We do not need to fork out a huge investment to join and start the business. We just need to consume the product ourselves or with our family.  There is no need for us to worry about the rental of office space every month because you can do this business anywhere you like.

Salehin said that although he is new to this industry (only 3 years), but with the Vemma company, he has the chance to visit other countries.  This is a bonus to the members who have achievement in the business.

His 5 years target is to grow more leaders who wants to achieve financial and time freedom. He also set his own target to become the “Top 1? category top income earner. He is now the No. 25 in “Top 50? category.

Lastly, he left us these words at the end of his magazine interview “No matter what you have decided to do or what type of business you want to be in, the most important is to have a Dream and have Confidence in yourself.  Believe to see not see to believe.” – Norsalehin

I have truly gained tremendously from this event.  I will remember what Salehin mentioned during the training, it was such a wonderful learning experience especially from his generous sharing.  I treasure this experience as it is not everyday that we have a chance to hear offically from great leaders, especially from a Millionaire Leader in Vemma.

***  To find out how to join us in the Vemma Online Business, simply fill in the form at the sidebar and I’ll keep in touch with you.

…James Yap of Vemma Singapore

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